2022-2023 Community Foundation of Carroll County Universal Scholarship Application

Graduating High School Seniors — 2023 Scholarship Season is now open! The Community Foundation of Carroll County supports more than 50 academic, sports, special circumstances, and 4-H scholarships. The common application is an easy way for students to APPLY ONCE and see all the scholarship opportunities they are eligible for (deadline April 15, 2023). 4-H Club Participants – Use the 4-H/FFA Scholarships common application for additional opportunities just for you (deadline July 1, 2023).

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Scholarship NameScholarship DescriptionCriteria
Danele Shipley Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Danele Shipley Scholarship Award Fund will provide financial assistance to a number of students from Carroll County to be determined based on the amount of money available in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The student must have shown outstanding citizenship traits and have been involved in student service activities and extra-curricular activities during his or her high school career.

Dream Big Union Bridge

The Dream Big Union Bridge Scholarship was established in 2021 by Dream Big Union Bridge. Dream Big Union Bridge is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 with the focus of connecting neighbors and businesses to celebrate, beautify and improve the historic town located within Carroll County, Maryland. The scholarship fund is to honor the values and dedication of the community in promoting continual opportunities for growth by supporting higher learning opportunities for selected recipient(s).

Scholarship NameScholarship DescriptionCriteria

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