You give your gift with no restrictions and trust that after your lifetime Your Fund will be used where it will do the most good. The responsibility for selecting the most appropriate charities year after year goes to the dedicated staff and the Foundation’s Board of Directors. You believe that a group of living men and women will be better able to assess current situations than can any written document from the past, no matter how perceptive. These all-purpose funds are the most flexible in meeting the emerging charitable needs of the community.

You make a charitable gift but then later enjoy a role in suggesting where grants should go. You make recommendations from time to time on the use of Your Fund within specific Internal Revenue requirements. This is considered a Restricted Fund, and the donor has reserved the right to make specific recommendations to the Board regarding the charitable use to be made of the Fund’s income. Normally, the donor requests to give advice during their lifetime only or for some limited period of time. The proposed grant must fit within the charitable purposes of the Community Foundation.

You ask us to send the income from Your Fund to your favorite charities, specifying the amounts or percentages to each. If one of the organizations ceases to operate or does not give the type of service that interested you, we will find one that does – so that your gift is always fresh and vital and meaningful.

You set up a fund in the name of a dear and valued deceased friend. You ask friends and corporations interested in that person to contribute to the Fund. It becomes a permanent living memorial that will be meaningful for years.

You specify the field to which you want the income from Your Fund to go. You describe this field as broadly or as narrowly as you wish. The staff and Board of Directors will identify and select the appropriate recipients.

You are an executive in a large corporation, responsible in part for corporate giving. How do you get through the blizzard of appeals you get from all the charities? Who sifts through all of them and makes some sense out of a giving program?

You set up Your Fund at the Community Foundation, either in the name of the corporation or an anonymous name. The Foundation then distributes the gift for you, relieving you of this burden.

Scholarship funds help students pursue academic goals. You may define guidelines for candidacy, the advisory committee, the school, and the award.