Fund & Scholarship Policies & Procedures

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. (CFCC) is a public charity consisting of a permanent collection of funds supported by the general public and serving Carroll County. We are politically independent and nonsectarian. The CFCC serves the entire community by raising, managing, and distributing funds for the ever-changing charitable needs of Carroll County, Maryland. By offering leadership and support, the CFCC enables local citizens to generate solutions to Carroll County needs.


Fee Schedule, June 2021 (PDF) 

Equal Opportunity Policy (PDF) 

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF) 

Drug and Alcohol Policy (PDF) 

Whistleblower Policy (PDF) 

Fund Policies

Being a Fund of the Community Foundation of Carroll County offers your organization the benefit of our fiduciary responsibility to you and all our member funds. You are part of a network of caring individuals who are working for the benefit of Carroll County and beyond. This is a mutually beneficial partnership. Each fund is responsible for the following items:

  1. Bring all/any money to the Community Foundation of Carroll County office at 255 Clifton Blvd, Ste 313 Westminster for deposit.
  2. When bringing deposits, fill out the provided deposit form and return to the office.*
  3. When requesting a reimbursement, fill out the provided reimbursement form and return to the office.
  4. When submitting invoices for payment, fill out the provided invoice payment form and return to the office. 
  5. All fundraising, marketing, and general operation of your organization.
  6. Sending personal notes and personal acknowledgements to donors. (Staff sends the necessary IRS letter for donations.)
  7. Keep detailed operations records.

*Deposit instructions:

  • Checks to your fund can be made out to Your Fund Name, or any variation of that. 
  • Checks received made out to Community Foundation of Carroll County or anything other than your Fund Name, MUST have your Fund Name in the memo line in order for them to be credited to your account.
  • Fill out the provided Deposit Form, noting your Fund Name on the form, and return to the Community Foundation of Carroll County office during business hours with all monies.

Your success is our success. Above all, communication is most important. Please remember that our staff is here to support you and be a resource. 

For information specific to a Community of Compassion Fund, please click here

Scholarships Policies

The CFCC has over one million dollars in Scholarships available to graduating students in Carroll County. Criteria for our full list of scholarships is available online. Our Online Scholarship Application Portal is opened in January each year for both academic and 4-H/FFA scholarship opportunities. In addition there are scholarships managed by the community foundation and awarded by private entities. These criteria and applications are available online and through scholarship providers. In some cases, applications may be available in high school guidance offices. Scholarship eligibility varies. 

Scholarship Applications

  • Applications for scholarships held by the CFCC are published each January in an online scholarship application portal. Additional scholarships managed by CFCC are available at all Carroll County High Schools and online. Home-schooled and privately schooled students are encouraged to review available scholarship opportunities.
  • Due dates for applications vary and are clearly defined in the application/s.
  • Various Scholarship committees review applications and make recommendations to the CFCC Board of Directors who make the final decisions.
  • Students receiving multiple year scholarships are required to provide academic transcripts at the end of each school year before checks for the coming school year will be issued.


Ineligible Grants

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. does not make grants for:

  • Operational deficits;
  • Fundraisers unrelated to a CFCC Fund or project;
  • Debt retirement;
  • Lobbying programs;
  • Non-secular (religious) programs;
  • Individuals