2022-2023 Scholarship season open

Community Foundation of Carroll County Launches 2023 Scholarship Season

Online common applications offer expanded opportunities for students.

Westminster, Maryland – Community Foundation of Carroll County (CFCC) today opened the 2022-2023 scholarship season with the launch of its two online common applications. One is for academic, sports and students with special circumstances, and the other is for 4-H and FFA participants. 

This year on the scholarship portal there are 44 scholarships available to graduating high school seniors, including those also open to students already in college. Six new scholarships have been added to the Common Academic Application. The benefit of the online common application is that students no longer need to fill out a separate paper application for each opportunity. By completing one online application a student will be shown a list of the scholarships for which they are eligible, based on answers to questions such as GPA or high school they attend. Then the student would be asked to supply specific information to complete the process. 

The deadline for the academic, sports and special circumstances scholarship application is April 15, 2023. The deadline for the 4-H/FFA scholarships is July 1, 2023. Follow this link for the common online scholarship direct link. Or visit our website, WeAreCarroll.org. Scholarships can be used for attending college or trade school, and there are several specifically for students already enrolled in college or graduate school. 

“We were so pleased with the use of this online application in the 2021-2022 academic year when we awarded $167,000 in scholarships. Student interest increased with the new application process and we expect even better results this year. This streamlined application benefits both the students and the scholarship providers. With paper applications students self-select the scholarship opportunities. Using the common application responses are filtered and the student is presented with the opportunities they are eligible for,” said Jaclyn Mathias, executive director of Community Foundation of Carroll County. “Our scholarship providers want nothing more than to give money to students; we are making that easier to do with the online common application.”

About CFCC Scholarships

The CFCC has over one million dollars in scholarships available to graduating students in Carroll County. Applicant opportunities are provided to each high school in Carroll County and many are open to private and home-schooled students.

  • The common scholarship application is available online at WeAreCarroll.org. Please call the CFCC office at 410-876-5505 for information.
  • Various Scholarship Committees review applications and make their own decisions or make recommendations to the CFCC Board of Directors who make the final decisions.
  • Students receiving multiple year scholarships are required to provide academic transcripts at the end of each school year before checks for the coming school year will be issued to their school.
  • Scholarships are paid directly to the school the student will be attending.

About Community Foundation of Carroll County

An umbrella organization that facilitates philanthropic activities across Carroll County, Community Foundation of Carroll County (CFCC) manages 8 million dollars in endowments, operating funds, scholarships, programs, and funds managed for non-profit organizations. Established in 1994, CFCC provides the legal underpinnings so that more than 320 projects, which are referred to as “Funds,” can focus on running their programs, for a 2% fee. The community foundation manages every incoming and outgoing donation, payment, scholarship, and grant. CFCC provides the structure, so the Funds can do the work they dream of. If it has a non-profit purpose, CFCC can be involved. Learn more at carrollcommunityfoundation.org.

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