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The 2023 Scholarship Season is closed.
The Community Foundation of Carroll County supports nearly 75 academic, sports, special circumstances, and 4-H scholarships. Search scholarships by name, or sort by application type. These scholarships fall into three application types (noted in the far right column):
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The Universal Portal application is an easy way for students to APPLY ONCE and see all the scholarship opportunities they are eligible for (application opens in January and closes mid-April each year). 4-H Club Participants – Use the 4-H/FFA Scholarship Portal application for scholarship opportunities just for you (opens in January and closes July 1 each year). You only apply once and complete the applications for the opportunities you want to pursue. There are additional scholarship opportunities found in the “Other” category. These are scholarships hosted by the Community Foundation, but the application, review and award process is managed entirely by the scholarship holder. These have individual deadlines, criteria and applications. All scholarships are listed below with criteria, donation information, and access to the application.

Name of scholarship Collin McComber Charitable Fund Scholarship
Mission Statement

The purpose of the Collin McComber Charitable Fund Scholarship is to honor his life by providing financial assistance to a student(s) at the Young School in Westminster, Maryland whose family is undergoing temporary, unforeseen financial hardship. Tuition payments may be made for a two-month period at a time with a limit of six months of tuition at the school. No child will receive the award more than once. The family must also meet the criteria established for the fund.

Criteria Collin-McComber-Charitable-Fund-Schl-Criteria.pdf
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