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Taneytown Community Partners

Our mission is to provide the citizens of Taneytown with a wealth of resources and information. To include the citizens of Taneytown with compassion and equitable interest.

Taneytown Lions Club Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to provide financial support for various Donor-sponsored community-service activities. Assets of the Fund shall be used only for Donor-approved charitable, educational, religious, and eleemosynary activities.

Grant Making
Tanner's Touch

The purpose of this Fund shall be to provide families of children with cancer, financial relief. We are dedicated to raise money through fundraisers and various events to give families financial assistance and hospitals and other organizations doing pediatric cancer research, grants to improve the lives of a children with cancer.

Charitable Assistance
thAIRapy Aviation

The purpose of the thAIRapy Aviation Fund is to provide a free of charge, safe and comfortable ride in a general aviation aircraft for veterans of foreign wars and people who suffer from mental and/or physical handicaps, cancer and/or hospice patients. We also aim to promote, through multiple avenues, general aviation and its multiple benefits.

Community Services
The Audrey Cimino Legacy Fund

The Audrey Cimino Legacy Fund was established in 2021 to ensure the sustainability of this Community Foundation. Named for our founder who led this foundation from 1994-2020, it was Audrey Cimino’s vision that brought the community foundation concept to Carroll County. A gift to our Legacy Fund is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Each donation ensures the ongoing operations of CFCC, and provides the strong foundation needed to build, grow, and ensure the legacy of hundreds of Carroll County nonprofit organizations and scholarships.

Operating Fund
The Auxiliary of Springfield Hospital Center

To provide goods not furnished by the State of Maryland to patients of SHC with the goal of enriching the quality, enjoyment and comfort of their lives while hospitalized.

Charitable Assistance
The Book People Project

The mission of The Book People Project is to increase access to books throughout Carroll County by installing and maintaining free little libraries in Carroll County and beyond. This will provide the community with no a cost book ownership option while also a place for community to donate used books.

The Bridge Retreat Center

sub fund The purpose of The Bridge Retreat Center Fund is to share with the world the dream contribution and legacy called The Bridge Retreat Center. We are in the process of fundraising for the project to purchase agricultural land to build this incredible place.

Community Facilities/Parks
The Christmas Project- Lehigh

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of Management and Staff of Lehigh Cement Company in Union Bridge Maryland to provide gifts and support to needy families in the area during the Christmas Holiday. If funds are available, grants may also be made to local public charities in the discretion of a committee set up for that purpose at Lehigh Cement Company

Charitable Assistance
The Corbit's Charge Fund

The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide financial support for the annual commemoration of Corbit’s Charge, (sometimes known as the Battle of Westminster), the Encampment and Historic Reenactment at Westminster and the related activities of the event which provide educational, recreational and entertainment to the public.

Historic Preservation
The Douglas E. Metz Camp Thrive Foundation

The purpose of this Fund shall be to honor the life of Douglas E. Metz. In memory of an amazing and generous man who cared deeply about education, The Douglas E. Metz Camp Thrive Foundation seeks to ensure that Carroll County, school-age children who have been potentially impacted by substance addiction have the opportunity to come together in a healthy, non-threatening environment to interact with counselors, law enforcement personnel, and similarly situated students in a fun, but structured environment that allows for healing–helping to provide a path for these students to move forward on a positive basis.

Therapeutic Activities
The Drug Treatment Court Development Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to provide funding for the Drug Treatment Court for the Circuit Court for Carroll County (DTC); and more specifically, funding for goods and services that enhance the DTC and/or its ability to perform its mission, provided, that such requests shall only be for items which are not provided in the State budget for the DTC. Examples of items which enhance the DTC’s ability to perform its mission may include, but are not limited to: (a) requests which assist the DTC to reduce substance abuse dependency in the community and among the DTC participants and DTC graduates; and (b) requests which assist the DTC to provide social and support services in the community for participants that improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for DTC participants and DTC graduates, including but not limited to such programs that provides services for housing, vocational training, medical/dental services, education, faily support services…; and (c) requests that assist the DTC to provide more effective court supervision/monitoring of participants’ behavior and recovery while in the DTC program.

Addiction Recovery
The Eden Outpost

The Eden Outpost is a Christ based outreach. Our mission is healing, restoration and wholeness. We provide men, women, youth, children and marriage gatherings, teachings, and events. We believe that when we are transformed into the image and likeness of Christ, that transformation restores and strengthens marriages, families, churches and community.

The Flowering Tree Center

The purpose of The Flowering Tree Center Fund is to work to fulfill Black Elk’s vision to mend the Cangleska Wakan, the Sacred Hoop. The Cangleska Wakan, Sacred Hoop, is based on the Native American Lakota Sioux concept of Mitakuye Oyasin, which means that everything in the universe is related. Mitakuye Oyasin is a connection to all organic life forms (plants, animals, insects) as well as inorganic (rocks, mountains, rivers and oceans). The elders in our spiritual community are prepared to teach all that we have been given in a spirit of humility. We embrace and celebrate all races, religions, cultures and who you love. We intend to work collaboratively with other spiritual groups and/or non-profits who share a common vision. Humanities survival depends on our willingness to work together for the benefit of All My Relations. In this spirit, our community will offer online and in-person educational opportunities in the form of classes and workshops to the public. Members of our community have 30+ years training and experience in their respective disciplines. Teachings will be related to responsible stewardship toward the natural environment, and spiritual teachings related to both Native American healing traditions and Eastern yogic traditions for holistic health and wellness. -organic gardening, beekeeping, medicinal plants, Yoga and meditation, acupuncture and Native American healing practices and traditions.

Community Events & Activities
The FSK High School Choral and Drama Boosters

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to establish a fund that will promote and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the choral music and drama programs at Francis Scott Key High School. The Choral Music and Drama Boosters will lend all possible support, both morally and financially and will help promote the general activity of the choral music and drama program. The Fund will assist the director of the choral music department, the school administrators and the Carroll County Board of Education as choral music and drama advocates.

Performing Arts
The Gage Black Memorial Fund

Gage Black tragically lost his life at the too-young age of 17. His passions included lacrosse, wrestling, and chorus. Whether he was on the field, the mat, or the stage, he was in his element. Our goal is to honor Gage’s life through multiple acts of community giving. Included, but not limited to Francis Scott Key High School Senior Awards, Carroll County Career & Technical Center auto service awards, and other awards to honor Gage by paying his passions forward.

The German Shepherd Club of DC/MD

– To encourage and promote the breeding of pure bred German Shepard dogs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.
– To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which German Shepherd Dogs shall be judged.
– To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmenlike competitio at dog shows and obedience trials and to demonstrate to the public the ability and utility of the breed.
– To conduct each year a licensed specialty show and obedience trial under the rules of the American Kennel Club.
– To obtain publicity and support legislation beneficial to the best interest of the dog breeders and owners.

Sports & Recreation
The Helping Hand Foundation

Our mission is to disseminate information and resources that educates and advocates for individuals with special needs. To help those individuals establish a lifestyle, healthcare, and residency post-secondary education drives our teaching, marketing, and community/business outreach.

Health & Medical
The Jason Berry Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to estabish a fund that will keep the memory of JASON BERRY alive and will innclude but is not limited to providing assistance to struggling addicts to get back on their feet, drug free and to understand there is more to life than getting high. The Fund may assist families of addicts to get the help they need to care for their addicted family member.

The Maryland Catholic Women's Conference

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to establish a fund that will glorify God, transform lives, families and society by the power of the Gospel and the Catholic Church. The goal are: 1) To authenticate the genius of women as it is shown in our Blessed Mother, Mary (as defined by Pope John II as connoting the essential nature and spirit of women); 2) Assist women to be formed in the faith through the study of the Catholic Catechism and Sacred Scripture, so as to grow closer to the Holy Trinity; 3) Provide women with the materials and information to transform their lives and to grow spiritually through the many stages of life; 4) Develop a deeper devotion and understanding of the Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Saints and our Blessed Mother; and 5) Bring God’s gifts to our families, churches, workplaces and the world so He will be glorified at all times and in all places.

The Miss Maryland Operating

The purpose of this Fund is to support the Miss Maryland Scholarship Program which conducts annual Pageants for the selection of Miss Maryland. The fund will promote goodwill and publicity for the State of Maryland and promote, operate and conduct entertainment for civic, charitable and educational purposes. It will also encourage, promote and produce local pageants as preliminaries to the Miss Maryland Pageant. And receive gifts and financial support from sponsors and contributions to the Fund

Operating Fund
The Phillip and Norma Hooks Music Lesson Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to honor the lives of Phillip and Norma Hooks for a lifetime of devotion to music making by providing the children of Carroll County Maryland with the opportunity to learn and love music. The Fund will provide budding French Horn and Bassoon players in Carroll County with music lessons they might not otherwise be able to afford. The Fund may also provide scholarship(s) for other students in primary and secondary school at the discretion of the Fund Administrators or the Donors.

Performing Arts
The Sallie A. Hemp Memorial Fund

The Sallie A. Hemp Memorial Fund was established to honor and pay tribute to Sallie who was a friend, member of the Westminster High School class of 1972, a graduate of The University of Maryland Baltimore County and Catholic University and a lifelong mental health professional. The fund will assist families and/or individuals in the payment for mental wellness/health services.

Health & Medical
The Well

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donors to establish a fund that will provide opportunities for women from every denomination and generation to know and love God and to equip them to live the gospel in their everyday lives through participation in conferences in leadership training in local ministry.

Community Events & Activities
The Wetlands Classroom and Greenhouse Project

The purpose of this fund is to support The Wetlands Classroom and Greenhouse Project located at The Hashawha Environmental Center 300 John Owings Rd, Westminster MD 21158. This is a sub-fund of the Francesca Borrelli Johnson Environmental Fund.

Nature Conservancy
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