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Sally Patricia Ebaugh Gude Fund for Foster Children

The SALLY PATRICIA EBAUGH GUDE FUND FOR FOSTER CHILDREN honors Sally’s life and work by providing goods, services and educational opportunities to youth in Carroll County, MD, who are part of the Foster Children Program administered by the Carroll County Department of Social Services.

September Song

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to establish a fund that will give the gift of the arts through musical theatre to all participants on and off the stage as well as audiences of all ages. When able to do so, SEPTEMBER SONG will donate proceeds of its productions to arts education and related programs in Carroll County, Maryland.

Performing Arts
Share Hope Through Art

The purpose of the Share Hope Through Art Fund is to share hope through art by doing art workshops and sharing art created, as well as resource information (suicide prevention material and local resources) with local mental/behavioral health treatment centers, wellness centers, etc. in Maryland in hopes of increasing mental health awareness, decreasing the stigma around mental and behavioral health struggles, breaking the isolation associated to feeling alone in one’s struggles and ultimately prevent suicides.

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
Sharing Art for Life Fund

Mission: Providing adults and children with special needs with art instruction on-site and in the community

Therapeutic Activities
Shepherd's Staff Endowment

Designees: Arc of Carroll County, Speech Pathways, On-site facility at Studio on the Hill

Nonprofit Partner Fund
Sol On Stage Studios (SOS)

Sol on Stage Studios is all about “Illuminating Talent.” We want to give everyone equal opportunity where the talent speaks for itself, regardless of look, gender, sexuality or sexual identity, relation to casting/crew/board members. We want to show transparency with our cast and crew, and expand our repertoire into all aspects of art, from theater to music to video production, etc.

Performing Arts; Inclusivity
Soni Sunshine

The mission of the Soni Sunshine Fund is to help meet financial needs of individuals who are going through cancer.

Health & Medical
Sorority of Miss Maryland

The purpose of The Miss Maryland Sorority Fund is dedicated to providing teens and young women in the State of Maryland with scholarships, community service, networking and life skill opportunities. Our goal is to help all young women be their best selves. Our scholarship awards are made possible by the generous support of local donations. Our mission is to establish a sisterhood that will inspire service in our communities, provide scholarships for the next generation, encourage mentoring and offer opportunities for professional networking. The Sorority was established to provide a network of “sisters” made up of former, local and state titleholders, as well as program volunteers who share the Sorority’s mission. While a few scholarships are for young women participating in the State competition, other scholarships provided through the sorority are open to all full-time students in Maryland, regardless of participation in the local or state competitions.

Staffords Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

The purpose of the Staffords Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Center Fund is to help rescue horses, ponies, mules, donkeys etc. from kill pen sales. To quarantine them until they are well and rehabilitation starts. Then they would be adopted out to approved homes. We would only charge a foster and adoption fee. Each horse will have strengths and weaknesses in their condition and abilities. This will be determined by evaluating them for proper placement. Some will be sanctuary horses and live their lives out on an approved farm. I also would like to help horses that need more medical care than a farm can offer. We would develop a step-down care unit on the farm to benefit those who are very ill and may need surgery and aren’t well enough to go into a regular environment at a barn. The goal is to professionally and with dignity make a positive difference in our Equine world and to stop all the killing of our beautiful animals.

Animal Rescue & Welfare
Standing Together Against Addiction

The purpose of this Fund shall be NURTURING SUBSTANCE ABUSE RESISTANT FAMILIES in and around Union Bridge, Maryland.

Addiction Recovery

To promote, support, encourage, and provide fun and safe activities, experiences, recognition, and care for all motorsports enthusiasts, first responders, active military, and veterans.

Grant Making
Stephenson Neonatal Foundation

The mission of the Stephenson Neonatal Foundation is to support the care of infants in neonatal care facilities by providing financial assistance to families. We believe that parents should never have to sacrifice spending time in the hospital with their baby due to financial need. The purpose of this fund is to support Carroll County families with a child in neonatal care by supplementing the associated non-medical costs, including but not limited to parking, travel, on-site meals, childcare for siblings, etc. The distribution of funds will be guided by a criteria and application published contemporaneously with this Fund Agreement.

Charitable Assitance
Suits For Success MD

Our mission is to assist people ready to enter or renter the workforce by providing suits and business attire for interviewing or work purposes. Our goal is to increase the probability of gaining employment for our participants by helping them dress for success. We believe in helping anyone in need regardless of age, religion, race, gender identity, or past history. For now, our focus will be on men’s attire, due to limited space. However, we have obtained some female business attire and welcome the opportunity to serve a limited number of women as our inventory allows.

Community Services
Supporters of Westminster Police Department Fund

The purpose of the Supporters of Westminster Police Department Fund is supporting the Westminster Police Department’s employee and volunteer programming and providing for training, equipment acquisition and the community outreach/charitable efforts of the police department.

SweetPea Foundation

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donors to help children in Carroll County Maryland and the surrounding communities who are suffering with a life changing sickness or event. The Fund will also assist children suffering from depression by providing funds for counseling and other miscellaneous items not covered by insurance.

Health & Medical
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