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Rachel's Bears

The mission of this program is to collect sponsorships for Cuddle Bear book and plush toy donations to bring smiles and cheer to the lives of children during their stay at a children’s hospital. This program is in memory of Rachel Williams who was a pediatric nurse at Mt. Washington Children’s Hospital.

Children, Healthcare
RDK Memorial Golf Fund

The Robert D Memorial Golf Fund aims to generate funds through its yearly golf tournament, benefiting three crucial nonprofits dedicated to assisting individuals in Carroll County grappling with substance use disorders. These nonprofits include the Carroll County Drug Treatment Court, Weber Sober Albums, and Rising Above Addiction. Additionally, each tournament allocates funds for the Robert D. Memorial Scholarship Fund, which supports individuals in accessing treatment and addresses various needs related to substance use and treatment.

Golf, Addiction

The purpose of this Fund shall be to provide education and therapeutic and recreational intervention to individuals and groups who may be at risk or have special needs and who are seeking ways to more positively communicate and function in society. The fund may also be used to conduct research pertaining to such activities.

Therapeutic Activities
Reptile Corner

Reptile Corner is a reptile and amphibian rescue, sanctuary, and educational service. We have 3 goals:
— Provide a new and higher standard of care in the reptile rescue and hobby world. We are here to bring a resource that is not only new and informative, but NECESSARY in this county and state.
— Break down the walls of misinformation around reptile husbandry/care. We accomplish this by offering educational services such as: school presentations, scouts events, birthday parties, nature center presentations, and other events. We also offer options for virtual and in-person educational courses for the public.
— Aide in the advocacy for these beautiful creatures. We aim to be a voice for the ones who don’t have one; by providing a safe haven for reptiles in need which ensures they have a thriving chance away from neglect or abuse.

Rising Above Addiction

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donors to establish a fund that will bring awareness to the Carroll County Community about the rising problem of drug and alcohol addiction and to give support and financial assistance to the families in the community dealing with the problem in an effort to save our youth and young adults.

Addiction Recovery
Rising Student Athletes Program

Drive student through opportunity and community to support ongoing educational advancement

Sports & Recreation
Rita's Closet

The purpose of this Fund is to support the RITA’S CLOSET SCHOLARSHIP in memory of Rita Marie Medeiros, providing scholarship (s) for graduating seniors at any public High School in Carroll County, Maryland, and the Carroll County Career and Technology Center. Rita’s Closet also collects and makes available various promdresses and formal wear to needy young ladies in the community, memorializing Rita’s caring and generous spirit.

Roop Royer Historic Preservation Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to preserve historic Carroll County properties, cemeteries, artifacts and genealogical documents relating to the Roop Royer Extended Family and to provide to the public, educational opportunities by means of publications, newsletters, web site, exhibits, tours and scholarships on topics including but not limited to Pennsylvania German Culture, The Brethren and Mennonite Movements, Carroll County Mills and early industry, farming and homestead.

Historic Preservation
Running 4 Recovery

Running 4 Recovery was created to raise awareness and provide financial support to individuals suffering from the disease of addiction.

Community Events & Activities
Rural Rigs Harm Reduction Services

Rural Rigs Harm Reduction Services (RRHRS) promotes strategies that reduce the negative consequences associated with drug use and unprotected sex. Our goal is to meet people where they are without judgement, and offer tools to inform, educate, and empower both people who inject drugs (PWID) and the community. HRS hopes to promote the reduction of stigma associated with substance-related disorders and to link individuals to important health services when they are ready to access them.
Potential Harm Reduction Services being offered include:
Syringe Services Program; Overdose Response Training and Narcan Distribution; HIV, Hepatitis C & Syphilis Education, Testing and Linkage to Care; Fentanyl Test Strip Distribution; Voucher Program- offers free sterile syringes; Safe Syringe Disposal; Sexual Health in Recovery (SHIR); Referrals to community resources; and Additional health & safety education

Addiction Recovery
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