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 Fund Name Summary Type of Fund
Macbeth Academy

At Macbeth Academy, our mission is to create engaging student learning and high academic achievement regardless of race or income status.

Youth, Education
Manchester United Bocce

The Manchester United Bocce Program is dedicated to raising funds for charitable causes through the promotion and play of bocce.

Community Events & Activities
Marlin K. Hoff Log Barn Memorial Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to raise and distribute funds for the maintenance and repairs of the Marlin K. Hoff Log Barn located at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Carroll County, Maryland. In addition the Fund may underwrite the cost of materials needed for the educational programs, developed from time to time, associated with the Marlin K. Hoff Log Barn. Donor reserves the right to form a committee whose purpose is to advise and make non bidning recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. regarding the Funds intended purposes.

Historic Preservation
Maryland Cheese Guild

The name says it all: Maryland (that’s obvious) Cheese (also obvious, but I don’t want to exclude other dairy products) and Guild. That took a little time. But a Guild fits perfectly for what I want. I want a group of cheesemakers both professional and amateur to exchange ideas, share technique and challenge each other to grow and create. The Guilds of old set standards and their mark on something meant quality. That’s what I hope the Maryland Cheese Guild will come to represent.

Community Events & Activities
Maryland Robotics Event Partners Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to establish a fund that provide administrative and financial services to the Maryland Robotics Partners that hold a youth, scholastic robotics competition each year for Maryland high school students to promote the study of robotics in Maryland.

Mental Wellness of Carroll County

The purpose of the Carroll County Friends for Mental Health Fund is to increase public awareness of good mental health practices, to increase public awareness of mental illness, to reduce the stigma attached to mental illnesses and to develop and implement new services and resources for consumers of mental health services in Carroll County. To achieve these goals the Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. will work with the Carroll County Core Service Agency in the person of its’ Executive Director or his designee in developing appropriate programs, services and resources. It is understood that the recommendations of the Carroll County Core Service Agency are dvisory in nature and not binding on the Board of Trustees of the Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
Misfit Farm

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donors to reduce the suffering of unwanted animals wherever they are. Misfit Farm will do this in several wayts including but not limited to trapping, spaying or neutering then releasing feral cats; by educating the public to the fact that there are affordable clinics for inoculations and other medical services and how to control the populations that exist; by removing sick animals from the population and tending to their needs as necessary and possible; by helping the elderly to transport animals to the Vet for care; by teaching young people that part of being a good neighbor, citizen and a good hearted person is extending a helping hand with no expectation of payment; by teaching people that money is not always the answer to a problem, sometimes it can be as simple as donating a blanket or a little of your time and finally to teach people how to work with others who share the same goals and sometimes, just to listen.

Animal Rescue & Welfare
Miss Carroll County Scholarship

The Miss Carroll County Scholarship Program is local preliminary to the Miss America Organization, which is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs for young women. Please support our mission; championing young women in their pursuit of higher education, and to help them to graduate debt free.

Monocacy Wedding Connection

As members of the MWC, we all will work together to provide a seamlessly flowing wedding day for couples so they can focus on making memories with family and friends. We are a team of wedding/event professionals who take care of every detail of the wedding day. Our purpose is to connect couples to leading professionals in the wedding/event industry, connect professioals to each other, and be a community leader in the wedding industry. Giving professional, personalized attention for the couple’s dream wedding day.

Community Services
Mount Airy Senior Task Support

The Mount Airy Senior Task Support (MASTS) is a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to working with local leaders and organizations to improve the lives of all residents within the 21771 zip code area, with a particular focus on those age 65+ and their caregivers. The key MASTS goal is to provide critical information and solutions on issues important to good health and well-being, and to ensure that residents are aware of available valuable resources for a fulfilling life.

Community Services
Mt. Airy Police Community Service Fund

The purpose of The Mount Airy Maryland Police Community Service Fund is to support the Mount Airy Police Department in those areas not provided for in their operational budget. These areas include but are not limited to special equipment, uniforms, training, community relations and activities such as National Night Out, Business and Neighborhood Watch, Shop with a Cop, community food drives, festivals and recreational activities.

Community Events & Activities
My Caring Paws

My Caring Paws objective is to form a network of caring individuals and their trained pets who are willing to share smiles and joy with all people who can benefit from a therapy team. Our mission is to enrich, comfort and show unconditional love to children, adults, elderly, and special needs individuals. Therapy dogs are amazing with the animal and human bond connection, and stress relief for all occupations and all kinds of situations.

Animals, Therapy, Wellness
My House

My house is an alternative approach to provide housing and supportive services for youth aging out of foster care. With the gracious help of volunteers, to create, construct, and manage cost-efficient tiny modular homes, that together form a safe and stable community of youth reaching for the same goals and a forever family. We provide a valuable life skills education program, accompanied with dignity, support and encouragement to successfully transition youth into confident, independent, and thriving adults within our community, while most importantly ensuring “My House” is a “Home”

Community Services
My Way Canine Freestyle

The purpose of this fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to celebrate the joyful bond and working relationship of the dog and the handler by offering live and video routines consisting of creative movement and proficiently executed moves that demonstrate a joyful choreography performance. The Donor also wishes to encourage interest in the sport of canine freestyle through educational programs, demonstrations, competitions, and to promote good sportsmanship among members in the training and exhibition of dogs.

Animal Rescue & Welfare
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