2022-2023 Community Foundation of Carroll County Funds

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IF Westminster

The purpose of this Fund shall be to account for and regulate registration fees and donations and account for expenses and production costs of IF: Westminster. This annual event which will happen in March of 2020 and subsequent years is the local version of a national conference which is held annually in Austin Texas and broadcast to local gatherings around the world. IF’s mission is to gether, equip and unleash women to pursue Jesus and live out their God given purposes.

Community Events & Activities
Integrative Health Partnership

Our mission is to develop community driven holistic solutions that address health issues for in need and low income communities. We offer evidence based and specialized options which effectively assist in filing the gaps in patient centered treatments. In so doing, the body may become able to repair itself and/or synergistically provide longer lasting, more dynamically favorable results.

Charitable Assistance
 Fund Name Summary Type of Fund

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