2022-2023 Community Foundation of Carroll County Funds

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Heroin: The Ripple Effect Foundation

Our mission is to carry on the ripple effect of good deeds. This foundation will support people with substance use disorders, and mental health issues find freedom in recovery. Our mission is to assist in scholarships to treatment, recovery school scholarships, dental work, daycare for parents in treatment, and substance use prevention—education.

Addiction Recovery
HomeGrown Healing

The mission of HomeGrown Healing is to serve, enrich and grow along side of the women in our community through holistic partnerships, mentoring and education throughout the journey of whole body healing.

To eventually create an all inclusive medicinal healing farm in our Carroll Community that will cultivate a safe and vulnerable environment filled with solidarity, multigenerational mentorship and lots of Love.

Therapeutic, Women
Hailey's Wish -A Foundation for Inclusive Play

The purpose of this Fund is to bring joy to the lives of disabled children by building, promoting, maintaining and enhancing inclusive play environments for children with disabilities through fundraising initiatives and cooperative alliances with schools and community organizations. By funding accessible play areas and adaptive equipment for children with disabilities, the Hailey’s Wish Fund will encourage participation and socialization that will in turn foster their growth and development.

Community Facilities/Parks
HOFFA-Healing Opportunity Free From Addiction

The purpose of this fund is to help individuals heal from addiction, provide education and offer support for recovery

Nonprofit Partner Fund
Historic Linwood Preservation Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to protect, preserve and promote the quiet rural setting and the historic village of Linwood, Maryland’s irreplaceable historic structures, landscapes and community by educating the public, influencing pertinent legislation, attending meetings with other historic preservation organizations, litigating and taking whatever other actions are required.

Historic Preservation
Honoring Burial Grounds

This fund supports efforts to preserve, honor and document historic burial grounds within Carroll County, with a specific focus on historically African American cemeteries.

Historic Preservation
Hope for Megan

This is a community of compassion fund to financially assist families with children who are suffering from brain cancer. To financially assist family members with the cost of emotional counseling needed as a result of having a child diagnosed with brain cancer or having lost a child to brain cancer. To assist families with the expenses of living as the result of dealing with the situations described in a. and b. above including but not limited to housing, utilities, travel to and from medical centers, food and other living expenses. The hope for Megan Fund may make grants, at the discretion of the donors, to other nonprofit organizations that provide services or activities for youth

Charitable Assistance
Heavens to Betsey

We are making a difference in our community to reduce the homeless pet population.

Animal Rescue & Welfare
 Fund Name Summary Type of Fund

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