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 Fund Name Summary Type of Fund
Faith and Action Ministries

The purpose of this Fund shall be to work for the benefit and wellbeing of families, churches and schools within the Village of Minoterie, Haiti and the surrounding areas. The focus of the fund will include but is not limited to family/marriage support, cleanwater/feeding programs and child sponsorship for education.

Community Services
Farm Fresh Fun

Our mission is to support underserved youth and rescue animals, creating connections that enrich the lives of both. Together they build life skills here and reduce anxieties, using the serenity of our 115 acre working farm and principles of positive reinforcement and mindfulness. We provide training, lessons, camps and events as well as fun outings for kids and critters. We also welcome veteran, senior citizens and other groups to come visit and enjoy the healing power of nature and our animals.

Therapeutic Activity
Feather Fund

The purpose of this Fund shall be to continue the work begun by Carollynn Suplee to assist deserving children with the purchase and attendant costs associated with the acquisition of Chincoteague ponies with the goal of helping each child learn about responsibility, care, love, ethics, as well as the concept of “giving back to others” through the care and training of his or her animals. Additionally, the Fund may provide financial support to related philanthropic causes as suggested by the Advisory Committee and approved by the Community Foundation of Carroll County Board of Directors.

Animal Rescue & Welfare
Find Your Purpose, Inc.

The purpose of Find Your Purpose, Inc. is to aspire to elevate and empower individuals of all ages through mentorship, experiential learning, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Finish Sarcoma

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donors to establish a fund that will bring awareness to this type of rare cancer, support sarcoma research being accomplished at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and University and provide assistance to sarcoma patients and their families who are in need.

Health & Medical
Flowers for Hope

Flowers for Hope supports two nonprofits: Carroll County Food Sunday and Growing Hope Globally (GHG). Carroll County Food Sunday (ccfoodsunday.org) is our local food bank addressing hunger in our local community. Growing Hope Globally (growinghopeglobally.org) is a non-profit working to alleviate global hunger by helping small-holder farmers in developing countries to grow more food.

Grant Making
Francesca Borrelli Johnson Environmental Fund

The purpose of the Francesca Borrelli Johnson Environmental Fund is to perpetuate her character, ideals, and goals by providing grants for practical or scholarly work directed toward improving or maintaining the quality of land, air, and water resources, and by providing scholarships to students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Environmental Sciences or Management/ Administration of the Environment

Nature Conservancy
Frederick DYW

The Frederick Distinguished Young Women (DYW) is a local scholarship program open to high school girls in Frederick, Maryland. This program inspires them to develop their full, individual potential through a fun, transformative experience that culminates in a celebratory showcase of their accomplishments. The Frederick Distinguished Young Women program strives to give every young woman the opportunity to further her education and prepare for a successful future.

Friends of Disabled Veterans in Carroll County

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support Carroll County, Maryland disabled veterans by providing health services including but not limited to local non-emergency medical transportation.

Friends of Kona

Friends of Kona helps facilitate behavioral intervention for rescue dogs in shelters. The number one reason that a shelter dog won’t be adopted, or the adoption will fail, is due to behavioral issues. Training and behavioral medicine can be a costly endeavor often counted in the thousands. This is a hard burden to handle for both the shelters and the adopting families. Our program gets money to shelters and people who need it to make more successful adoption matches and create better dogs in the community.

Friends of Mt. Pleasant Chapple Cemetery of Carroll County

To support and maintain the Mount Pleasant Chapple of Carroll County Cemetery included but not limited to restoration, ground maintenance and preservation.

Historic Preservation
Friends of Samuel Caple Family Cemetery

The Friends of Samuel Caple Family Cemetery allows contributions from Samuel Caple’s descendants and others to fund ongoing maintenance as necessary/desirable for the Samuel Caple family burial ground in Carroll County. Samuel was an early property owner in what would become Carroll County and a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Historic Preservation
Friends of the Carroll County Farm Museum Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support the ongoing operation of the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, MD.; including but not limited to the care of the Museum’s extensive collection of agricultural artifacts and historic buildings as well as all events and activities associated with the Museum.

Historic Preservation
Friends of the Flamingosaurus

The Friends of the Flamingosaurus seeks to unite the community of Hampden and its visitors in the spirit of fun, quirkiness and reinvention through the creation and maintenance of a public art sculpture, the Flamingosaurus, in Roosevelt Park.

The Friends of the Flamingosaurus will facilitate the creation of a new, improved, 3-D, illuminated, 42′ tall version of Baltimore’s iconic Flamingosaurus. Whereas the original adorned the facade of the Cafe Hon at the corner of West 36th Street and Roland Avenue for two decades, the new “phoenix” Flamingosaurus will rise above the trees a mere two blocks away in Roosevelt Park, on the corner of West 36th Street and Falls Road. After installation of the new sculpture, the continued mission of the Friends of the Flamingosaurus will be to maintain the piece by keeping it illuminated at night, making sure it is clean and free of graffiti, seeing to regular upkeep and repair, and performing the administrative tasks necessary to ensure a healthy lifespan for the sculpture.

Art, Community
Friends of the Mary Lou Dewey Sculpture Park

The purpose of this Fund shall be to assist in the purchase and placement of new sculptures and to assist in the maintenance, beautification, and activities at the Mary Lou Dewey Sculpture Park (at the Westminster Branch). Beyond the purchase of additional sculptures, the fund’s purpose is to provide for the care of the existing sculpture, and for maintenance and beautification of the park that is beyond the basic maintenance (for comfort, safety and general upkeep) provided by Carroll County Government through the Bureau of Facilities. Gifts may be undesignated or designated for purchase of new sculpture, maintenance, or an endowment.

Community Facilities/Parks
Friendship Valley PTO

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support Friendship Valley Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization to promote the partnership and involvement amoung parents, teachers and the school community at large. We envision a healthy, caring and encouraging educational and community environment for all students of Friendship Valley Elementary. This fund shall provide the funding to meet these needs as agreed upon by the Friendship Valley Elementary School PTO executive board and its members.

From Heart to Paws Rescue

The mission of this nonprofit is to change the shelter situations and lessen the euthanasia rates. To give more dogs a chance to have a loving home life regardless of their background.

Animal Rescue & Welfare
FSK Academic Booster

The purpose of the FSK Academic Booster Fund is to support the success of Francis Scott Key High School students by building relationships with the surrounding community, showcasing all FSK students and harnessing the resources of the community to ensure their success.

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