2022-2023 Community Foundation of Carroll County Funds

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 Fund Name Summary Type of Fund
Be the Moon Ministries

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donor to establish a fund that will share the joy of Jesus Christ through; action packed Music, Dynamic Worship and Engaging Stories of Faith, promoting the child sponsorship program and other ministries of World Vision, and family focused concerts, retreats and other family events.

BeCause Parties

The purpose of this Fund shall be to support the efforts of the Donors to establish a fund that will empower and inspire underprivileged youth by providing them with personalized, memorable birthday parties and when funds allow, celebrations for other milestone occasions.

Bee a Rae of Sunshine Foundation

This foundation was established in honor of Makenzi Rae Cash, a student of WHS class of 2026. MaKenzi passed away from tragic side effects of her prescribed antidepressant medication in December 2022. MaKenzi was an advocate of antibullying, she loved volleyball, she loved her pets and wanted to go into the military and be a nurse. This foundation supports efforts of donors to spread kindness to others and compassion for animals. This Foundations primary purpose is to execute antibullying initiatives, provide awareness and resources for youth mental health issues and provide scholarships to students with similar interests as MaKenzi. The funds will be used to help students that are targets of bullying, provide awareness of current mental health issues and to give assistance to animal shelters in our area.

Blue Force Posse

We are a club consisting of police officers, firefighters, EMS, and their family and friends. Our members ride motorcycles and classic cars. Our sole purpose is to honor the men and women who serve and who have passed. We ride in their honor and we support our public safety heroes in need.

Addiction Recovery
Books And Hooks After Program

Teaching the younger community the discipline of life by reading books and training in boxing.

Education; Youth
Boy Scouts of America CC

The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America CC Fund is to further carry out the organizational purposes of the Baltimore Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Carroll County, Maryland, as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, as amended from time to time.

Nonprofit Partner Fund
Brian Safe Haven

Dedicating ourselves to help those who can’t help themselves including the elderly. Advancing our care by providing free and open access to materials and information – that is hoped to better our community. Strengthening our communities by promoting full access to the “BSH” food pantry.

Community Services
Brubach Family Fund, The

The purposes of this Fund are to further or carry out the charitable, cultural, educational and scientific purposes of the Foundation, in and outside of Carroll County, Maryland as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, as amended from time to time.

Grant Making
Bud's Ride for Suicide Awareness

The purpose of this fund is to help provide suicide prevention education and services though our community.

 Fund Name Summary Type of Fund

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