2022-2023 Community Foundation of Carroll County Funds

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City of Taneytown Main Street Fund

The purpose of this Fund is to provide funding for the programs, of the Taneytown Community Center in Taneytown, Maryland.

Main Street Maryland
The Flowering Tree Center

The purpose of The Flowering Tree Center Fund is to work to fulfill Black Elk’s vision to mend the Cangleska Wakan, the Sacred Hoop. The Cangleska Wakan, Sacred Hoop, is based on the Native American Lakota Sioux concept of Mitakuye Oyasin, which means that everything in the universe is related. Mitakuye Oyasin is a connection to all organic life forms (plants, animals, insects) as well as inorganic (rocks, mountains, rivers and oceans). The elders in our spiritual community are prepared to teach all that we have been given in a spirit of humility. We embrace and celebrate all races, religions, cultures and who you love. We intend to work collaboratively with other spiritual groups and/or non-profits who share a common vision. Humanities survival depends on our willingness to work together for the benefit of All My Relations. In this spirit, our community will offer online and in-person educational opportunities in the form of classes and workshops to the public. Members of our community have 30+ years training and experience in their respective disciplines. Teachings will be related to responsible stewardship toward the natural environment, and spiritual teachings related to both Native American healing traditions and Eastern yogic traditions for holistic health and wellness. -organic gardening, beekeeping, medicinal plants, Yoga and meditation, acupuncture and Native American healing practices and traditions.

Community Events & Activities
Tree of Friends Foundation

The purpose of this Fund is to address humanitarian needs which are not currently being met or are underserved in Carroll County, Maryland. By utilizing an established donor base and growing the network, The Tree of Friends will operate as an educational liaison to bring awareness to current community needs (established yearly or in response to a local tragedy) through various activities, including, but not limited to, hosting events, providing services, offering goods, and recruiting members in a fun and active environment. The proceeds of these activities will aid in the financial relief of the current need.

Grant Making
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