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Jenny Smith Memorial Fund

The purpose of the Jenny Smith Memorial Fund is to provide an annual award, the amount to be based on annual income from the fund, to be given, alternating each year between a scholarship to the YMCA Teen Camp for middle school students and a United Way Agency internship for a college student from Carroll Community College or McDaniel College.

John Grason Steffey Scholarship

The purpose of the John Grason Steffey Scholarship is to provide scholarships for two graduates of Williamsport, Maryland, public high school, and if none qualify, then unto two high school students residing within Williamsport and the general vicinity thereof in Washington County, Maryland. The scholarships shall be for those students who may need or request assistance to attend schools of higher learning appropriate to develop their capacities and capabilities. Need for financial assistance shall be taken into consideration.

Opportunity NameOpportunity DescriptionCriteriaApplicationWebsite